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Release Notes

  1. Release Notes
    1. ATLFlow 0.0.24
      1. ecore model
      2. ant task
    2. ATLFlow 0.0.23
      1. ui
      2. generators
    3. ATLFlow 0.0.22
      1. bugfixes
    4. ATLFlow 0.0.21
      1. generators
    5. ATLFlow 0.0.20
      1. ecore model
      2. gmf transformation
      3. ui
    6. ATLFlow 0.0.19
      1. ecore model
      2. gmf transformation

ATLFlow 0.0.24

ecore model

The calls object has a name, also there is a default predicate in the callable to evaluate. An other changes on the callable is a new flag to synconize the workspace after execution. Switch, Property, and Generator are now Documentable. The missing basic predicate true/false are defined by a boolean predicate. A stop element is added to be able to define the end of a transformation flow in a switch.

ant task

There is an ant task to execute defined workflows. See ant task.

All changes in the release 0.0.24.

ATLFlow 0.0.23


There is a new eef generated editor available.
Some new transformation templates :


Some new generators :

All changes in the release 0.0.23.

ATLFlow 0.0.22


The externalCallable diagram element was removed from the diagram by a semantic update.
The eef generator calls EcoreUtil.resolveAll to resolve the proxies when the genmodel is loaded.

All changes in the release 0.0.22.

ATLFlow 0.0.21

The eef propertie view tabbed is added to the properties view, the view allows you to edit the predicate in PredicateSwitch and CompositePredidactes directly.


Added preferences for some generators to define the meta model uris they work on and one new generator frameworks are added.

All changes in the release 0.0.21.

ATLFlow 0.0.20

A new template project wizard is added,it contains parameterized transformation chains like generating a gmf editor, which is equals to the „../samples/generateGMF.html” other wizard. A short cut in the context menu let you create an appropriated start config and definition file.Now the transformation can be controlled by the PropertyValueSwitch and the PredicateSwitch element. You can also call other callable elements in different processes with the ExternalCall element.

ecore model

gmf transformation

Changes in the gmf process.


Changes in the ui.

All changes in the release 0.0.20.

ATLFlow 0.0.19

The model contains a property element for substitution in artifact URI and name.

ecore model

The ecore model has changed.

gmf transformation