ATLflow generators

Generators provide a way to execute external code on models they are defined by an extensions point .
So if you need an other generator type you could define it as an extra plugin. Most generators works on models, they identify the needed model by the metamodel they conform to. Some generators have a preference page to define the metamodel they work on.

  1. ATLflow generators
    1. the gmf generators
      1. the genmodel generator
      2. the diagram generator
    2. the acceleo generator
    3. the emf generators
    4. the eef generators
      1. the model initializer
      2. the plugin generator
    5. the topcased generators
      1. UML importer
      2. Tabbed properties generator
      3. diagram and editor generator

the gmf generators

The gmf framework provides models and generators to generate a diagram plugin for a given ecore model. See the example or gmp .

the genmodel generator

The genmodel generator creates the gmf genmodel, which is the model used to generate the diagram plugin.

The generator uses a mapping model and produce the genmodel.

the diagram generator

The diagram generator generates the plugin code defined by the genmodel.

The diagram generator will use the genmodel and produce the plugin code.

the acceleo generator

The acceleo project is a model to text generator. See acceleo

The acceleo generator needs the compiled mtl file(emtl), normaly it’s in the bin directory of the project. The template to generate are defined by artifacts with the uri acceleo.template the name of the artifact must corespond to the template name in the mtl file. The produce artifact defines the output folder.

the emf generators

The eclipse modeling framework is the base for most moddeling parts in eclipse. See emf

The emf genmodel importer uses an ecore model and produce an ecore genmodel. The emf codegenerator uses the ecore genmodel as input to produce the plugins.

the eef generators

The eef project provides models and generators for extended editing. See eef

the model initializer

The eef architecture initializer creates the eef model from the emf genmodel.

the plugin generator

The plugin generator uses the eef genmodel and produce the properties plugin.

the topcased generators

The topcased generators uses some generator frameworks define in the topcased project. topcased

UML importer

The UML importer produce an UML2 model from a java project or an UML2 profile from annotations. You can add several IN models to the generator, they will be treated as model import. You could also add UML2 profiles, the stereotype will be applied to the imported uml2 element if an annotation on the java element matches.

Tabbed properties generator

The tabbed properties generator will generate a plugin for a tabbed property page. There is an example here

diagram and editor generator

The diagram and editor generator are similar to the gmf generators and can generate a diagram plugin. There is an example here