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The Template project

  1. The Template project
    1. initialize the templates
    2. emf template
      1. emf properties
    3. gmf template
      1. gmf properties
    4. eef template
      1. properties
    5. acceleo textile report
      1. properties

In the template project a lot of template transformation are stored. Most templates are ready to use transformation chains, configured by setting values to properties, this is done by the startkonfiguration.

initialize the templates

The template project will be activated by the „new wizard”.

You can select the templates generated.

emf template

The emf template creates a genmodel if not exist and generated the code from it.

emf properties

gmf template

The gmf template is equals to the gmf wizard , there is a context menu for ecore files (*.ecore) to initialize a start configuration and a custom atl file.

generated report

gmf properties

The process is templated by some properties. Most values are set via wizard, and stored in the created run configuration.

eef template

The eef template also can be initialize by a context menu on a genmodel file.

generated report


The process is templated by some properties.

acceleo textile report

This is a small example how to use the acceleo generator, it produce a simple textile report from a callchain model transformation. You need to copy the default start configuration and fill the property values. The basic report it produced.


The process is templated by some properties.