Callchain callchain-report

  1. Callchain callchain-report
    1. startpoints
    2. properties
    3. Generators
      1. ModuleGenerator createTextDoc
    4. Artifacts
      1. Artifact callchainModel
      2. Artifact documentCalls
      3. Model input
      4. Meta Model callchain
      5. Artifact document

This creates a textile document of a callchain transformation model.


default Startpoint : createTextDoc

startpoints : createTextDoc


name description default value
basic_path The path where this model and also the acceleo file is stored. atl flow transformations
output_path The path where the generated textile files are stored.
model_uri the uri of th e input callhain model to generate a report for.


ModuleGenerator createTextDoc

Calls the acceleo template. It will create an output file‚.documentation.textile’ at the path defined by the output_path property.

ModuleGenerator : createTextDoc
executed : always

refresch workspace : false



Artifact callchainModel

The compiled acceleo m2t file.

name uri isDerived
callchainModel ${basic_path}/bin/m2t/textDocumentation.emtl false

Artifact documentCalls

The name af the called template in the acceleo file.

name uri isDerived
documentCalls acceleo.template false

Model input

The callchain transformation flow to generate the documentation for.

name uri conforms to isDerived isTemp
input ${model_uri} callchain false false

Meta Model callchain

name uri handler isDerived
callchain uri: EMF false

Artifact document

This is the path to the output folder. The name of the file is defined by the called template.

name uri isDerived
document ${output_path} false