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  1. Ant Task
    1. altflow.launchcall
      1. Description
        1. Parameter
        2. Parameters specified as nested elements
          1. property
        3. Example



This ant task starts a transformation, the behavior is the same as the execution in the eclipse starter or the ui. The attributes are also quite the same , filename is the name of the callchain file, in the workspace, callablename is the callable to start, the nested property element defines the value of properties in the atfflow process if they exist.


Attribute Description Required Default
filename The name of the callchainfile, the filename should be the full workspace path. yes
callablename The name of the callable to start in the file yes
skiplist The comma seperated list of callables skipped in the process. false
clearconsole Clears the ATL console befor starting the transformation flow. false true
chaincalls If set to false only the named callable will be started. false false

Parameters specified as nested elements


The nested property defines the values of the property elements in the callflow.

Attribute Description Required
name The name of the property. true
value The value of the property. true


filename=„/atl flow transformations/callchainReport/acceleo.callchain”