my motivation

I like model driven development very much and I have started with it quite early as it was a mysterical promising concept, but there was nothing or at least very less. So I started with ModelMaker and Delphi 7 to create wizards capable of generate code from models. This passion still goes.

It driven by the realization of the sentence "never let a human do a machine job." and also the fun working in higher levels of abstraction. The main principles are code generating and model transformations. Both are only different technics. Both transform an abstract repesentation, the model, to an other representation, a model or an artifact like code. 

Now there is java and the whole bunch of technologies gathered around a great platform, eclipse with EMF.

some open source projects of mine


The shadowrun 5 rich client platfrom is a model driven project for managing shadowrun resources. As humans make their own tools. It's uses EMF and EMFForms.

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A rich client to analyse data from a liquid-feedback ( instance, for now it's a 3d graph explorer to inspect the delegations. It's an application based on the eclipse platform (indigo). To be precise its a directed weighted multi graph browser in 3d.

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Uses birt and ant to creates reports from the postgres dump from a lqfb instance.

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It's a graphical editor for transformation processes with ATL a QVT like M2M transformation language, if have created it because there where no planing and execution board, and as transformation often comes along with other transformations, I decided to work out a GEF based diagram editor to describe these steps in the transformation process with a graphical representation, first I used the topcased EMF/GEF bridge, they have some metamodels describing the mapping from EMF to a diagram representation of it, and some generators capable to produce the plugin code for such an editor in eclipse. So my first steps where defining a transformation from my EMF model to these models. After a while I realized I have to integrate the concept of the generator to connect the M2M transformation steps to the final code transformation. 

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use-it generator

As I started with java and eclipse, about 2002, and I needed a code generation system but there where nothing, at least I found. so I started to do it my self and use velocity as template engine. First I build up my own methamodel with pojo's and an ant based generation processes. After the UML2 project in eclipse starts getting real, and I learned the limitation of a propertary and simple metamodel, I reworked the generator to use the UML2 metamodel instead of my pojo one. To reuse all my work already done, I described my pojo model as a profile, one of the extension mechanism in UML2, and  build some transformations to extracting my pojo model from the applied profile od the UML2 model. I also switched the describeing of the generation process from ant to an EMF model and an nice eclipse plugin. 

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Jact is a product of MDE. It's a "java asterisk configuration tool" build with my own tools. Mainly the use-it generator.

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The "java asterisk manager interface" is also the product of MDE, The models of the asterisk events and the asterisk command where extractaed from diffent sources like the sourcecode or the description the asterisk software supplies.

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Metrik expert for modelmaker

Model Maker was, or is a nice UML tool for Delphi. It's an expert for model maker. 

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